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We are serious about making chicken. Of course, the best ingredients should be green, healthy and drug-free food in the Bei San Xia.

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Welcome to Bei San Xia

Company Profile

The Beidahuang Baoquanling Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Company has two wholly owned subsidiaries:Heilongjiang Bei San Xia Aquaculture Co., Ltd. and Heilongjiang Bei San Xia Food Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang Bei San Xia Breeding Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in feed production and supply, parent generation broiler breeding, hatching, commercial chicken breeding.Heilongjiang Bei San Xia Food Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in broiler slaughtering, processing and product sales.

Product introduction

Bei San Xia

"Promote the Spirit of the Great Northern Wilderness and Commit to the Development of the Three Gorges",With more professional technology and advanced equipment, relying on the geographical advantages of the North Three Gorges and the best feeding and management team, we have carefully raised every white feather chicken."Opening up", "Enterprising", "Innovating",Always produce more quality chicken products in the most advanced way, so that the food of the Bei San Xia will go to the world and let the world know more about the Bei San Xia.

Three Advantages of the Bei San Xia

  1. Natural environmental advantages

    The company is located in the northern hemisphere, 45 degrees north latitude, cold climate is the natural conditions for the prevention and control of animal epidemics, air, water source soil, clean and pollution-free, natural ecology is the environmental conditions for green and safe breeding.

    1. Advantages of Breeding Model

      Self-built breeding, hatching, feed base + scientific and technological automation equipment, scientific breeding + strict control + special vehicle transportation, to ensure the healthy growth of white feather chickens in each link of the North Three Gorges.

  2. Food safety advantages

    Bei San Xia Food —— Closed industrial chain model, 100% of the company's chicken source is supplied by its own commercial chicken farm. The whole process can be traceable and controlled. dedicated to providing consumers with healthy and reassuring chicken products.